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What is a PVC false ceiling?

To simply put it in words, a PVC false ceiling is a ceiling hanging below the original ceiling of the room. It is generally suspended below the top surface, usually suspended by metal frames. And the illusion it creates, it gives a wonderful look to your room. 

Is your company dealing in installation of wall panels?

Yes, we actively involve ourselves in installing wall panels over the walls giving walls trendy pleasing  looks. We actively engage ourselves in designing new designs to attain perfection, after perfecting ourselves turn newly created designs into reality .

What types of PVC false ceiling designs can you handle?

We feel comfortable giving PVC false ceiling designs to your roof. It is our honor that such massive workmanship is on toes to make you in your comfort zone. We can handle any type of design. We can handle designs from simple forms to harder forms. We always try to make ourselves perfect in our designing capacity. 

Which material is used for PVC false ceiling service?

Polyvinyl chloride is the material used to make a false ceiling due to heat resistant properties. This allows it to withstand high heat even during summer .

Which is the best PVC false ceiling company near me?

Goldy contractor is the best company operating in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh as well. We have experienced professionalism running in our company veins. Our workers work with great responsibility. 

Why should I prefer Goldy contractor for my false ceiling PVC false ceiling requirements?

False ceiling PVC requires some high quality precision work. Our workers have years of experience in this field. We have formed various groups to handle requirements of clients who work in coordination with each other. If for any reason, one group member is low on duties, another member is ready to take over additional responsibility so that our main responsibility of meeting our target of finishing our work in time. 

Why are the benefits of  PVC false ceiling panels ?

PVC false ceiling panels have longer service life . They do not tend to bend or warp under seasoning. These are also not brittle making panels less likely to get damaged while handling. Another main reason  behind  installing false ceiling that it is an affordable alternative to gypsum ceiling panels.

What is the reason PVC false ceiling is best?

There can be a few reasons behind installing a PVC false ceiling. One reason is easy installation. Another reason is the power of resistance to water combined with durability and affordability. 

What are PVC false ceiling panels?

These are panels made of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic panels used in false ceiling installations. These panels are available in easy to install format. These panels are resistant to termites and moisture. These are also heat resistant panels 

Which false ceiling PVC false ceiling lights should I take for my home?

We generally use three types of light systems for installation on PVC false ceilings. These are LED lights, cove lights, backlit  ceiling  lights.

Our services for PVC false ceiling & wall panels are available  in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Tricity, Derabassi, Baltana, Dapper, Dhakoli, Baltana, Peermuchalla, Pinjore Amravati, DLF, Manimajra, Old Ambala Road, NAC, Sector 20 Panchkula, Aerocity, Airport Road Zirakpur.

We are just a call away. Call us and we will be right at your place to have discussions. 

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