Termite Control Treatment

Are you looking for a termite control treatment company in Panchkula?

If you are looking for termite control treatment in Panchkula, then you can trust Goldy termite control treatment services for pre constructions and post constructions. We can handle small and big homes to big commercial buildings. We offer our services at cheaper rates as compared to our competitors in the market.

What are pre construction and post construction anti termite solutions?

Pre construction anti termite solutions include treatment before a site is raised over the area. It includes giving protective covering to the soil which comes in direct contact with termites. An insecticide is applied over the soil giving it a protective covering. Termites are now unable to penetrate through it. 

Post anti-termite solutions are done on an already constructed building. Holes are drilled through at the bottom of the walls, holes are filled with pesticide emulsion and holes are sealed over, thus trapping the solution inside the holes. Any termites inside are finished off.

What processes are used as termite control measures?

Termite control measures can depend upon the situation as to how much area of your property needs protection from termites. Goldy termite control measures assess the situation to figure out the best possible way to control termites. We generally follow two simple practices:

  • Liquid control measure: Liquid control measure involves drilling concrete flooring and a jet of termite chemical mixed with water is injected in the hole and area is plugged. If there is not much space that can be drilled, then mixture is injected into nearby clearance. This clearance injection can act as a barrier between termites, thereby not allowing termites to multiply. 
  • Termite baits: Termite baits are often cylindrical structures that are placed under the top soil surface. As termite travel under the soil, they are attracted towards the baiting system. Termites often fall into traps. Baits kill termites and finish off their colonies.

Why goldy termite control solutions are the best?

Our project workers have mastered the art of termite control. We have specially prepared our staff in the use of chemicals. With regular workshops being conducted to keep the staff updated, we have taken up simple to more complex projects with quite ease. Our clients are fully satisfied with our work. 

We have formulated various teams who work in tandem. Working of these teams is supervised by supervisors. 

Goldy termite control solutions are done by professionals specially trained to handle toxic chemicals. Our professions also have protective headgear keeping themselves at safe distance from direct contact with chemicals as direct contact with chemicals can sometimes be hazardous. We take full precautions while handling chemicals at work.

How often does termite control treatment last?

This treatment process can last for three to five depending upon certain factors like environmental situations, country, and density per square feet on the property. But, on average, we count this time frame as around four years from the date of treatment.

We serve in the following cities: Panchkula, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Tricity, Derabassi, Baltana, Dhakoli, Peer Muchalla, Pinjore Amravati, DLF, Manimajra, Old Ambala Road, NAC, Sector 20 Panchkula,  Aerocity,  Airport Road Zirakpur.

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